Dimensions of standard men’s vertical bifold wallet


Get ready to explore the amazing world of men’s wallets! Among them, we have a superstar – the vertical bifold design! We’ll uncover the secret behind its measurements, compare it with traditional wallets, and discover how it fits so perfectly in our pockets! Let’s get started!

Vertical Bifold Wallets

Wow! Imagine a cool alternative to regular wallets – the vertical bifold wallets! They’re smart, compact, and oh-so-stylish! With their taller shape and a fancy vertical fold, you can quickly grab your cards and keep them safe too! Crafted with care and top-notch materials, they’re simply irresistible!

Details on Vertical Bifold Dimensions

Hold on tight, we’re about to reveal the special numbers of these wallets! When closed, they’re about 10-11 cm (4″-4.5″ inches) tall and 8 cm (3.2″ inches) wide! So neat and handy, right? But here’s the clever part – they have lots of card slots without getting all bulky! Awesome!

The Number of Card Slots Influencing Dimensions (in cm): Ta-da! Here comes the secret ingredient! The number of card slots is the big boss here! These wallets can hold between 4 to 8 cards – amazing! As more cards join the party, the wallet gently grows a bit thicker but spreads the bulk out remaining thinner than traditional bifolds – clever, huh?

Traditional Bifold vs. Vertical Bifold Dimensions (in cm): Now, let’s see how these wallets stand against the classic ones! Traditional wallets are around 9 cm (3.5″ inches) tall and 11 cm (4.4″ inches) wide when closed. But here’s the twist – they’re horizontal! So they need more width to fit everything in!

Variations: Hang on tight! There’s more to explore! These vertical bifold wallets come in all shapes and sizes! Some are compact with fewer slots, perfect for those who like things simple. Others have extra space for pros or travelers! And guess what? They have cool features like coin pockets or see-through ID windows! So many choices!

Pocket Friendliness

Here’s the best part – these wallets love your pockets! They fit so nicely in front or back pockets, no discomfort, no bulges! You’ll feel like a pocket wizard with these sleek wallets – it’s just magical!


Hooray! We’ve unlocked the secrets of men’s vertical bifold wallets! The number of card slots influences their size, and they’re different from the traditional wallets we know. They come in lots of fun variations, and the best part – they fit perfectly in your pockets! So next time you need a cool wallet, you know where to look! Happy wallet adventures to you!

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