What are purses for men called?


Hey dudes and dudettes! Get ready for a funky fresh adventure through the evolution of men’s purses and man bags! Grab your radical imagination goggles as we learn bizarre names, wacky histories, and how guy bags keep it chill in modern fashion. Gnarly!

Ancient bag

Ancient Man Purses

Our time surfing first takes us way back to ancient civilizations where guys carried little pouches to hold their stuff. Can you imagine ancient dudes strolling around with leather bags on their waistbands? Some rad artifact discoveries show men styling small purses centuries ago! Tubular!

Mixing Up Names

Nowadays guy bags go by many monikers: satchels, messenger bags, murses! A satchel has a flap and strap for carrying essentials hands-free. Messenger bags got their name from dudes delivering papers and mail. “Murse” mixes “man” and “purse” – crazy right? These names reflect how man bags stay stylin’ through history!

Leather Satchel

Modern Dude Bag Vibes

Lately, small dude pouches be poppin’! Streamlined crossbody bags let guys stash their goods and peace out. And sports bags like gym sacks carry athletic stuff in a chill way. With these practical bags, fellas can tote their tech gear and more – sans the hassle! Modern guy bags = freedom + function!

Modern Day Purse

Breaking Fashion Rules

Today’s man purses also rebel against old fashion norms. Carrying a murse shows guys can explore all styles and embrace what they vibe with individually. Guy bags now come in endless rad options outside rigid outdated rules. Freedom of expression for the win!

How to Rock Guy Bags?

Want to rock a man’s purse like a pro? Some tips: Leather satchels bring sophistication to formal fits, while casual crossbody pouches match streetwear vibes. And dudes can get creative and weave guy bags with any look! The right dude’s purse pulls together a chill outfit.

Modern Day Man bags

Guy Bags Do Their Thing!

After our excellent adventure, we’ve seen guy bags transform from ancient relics to cutting-edge and functional fashion. These accessories let modern fellas carry their goods uniquely and stylishly. So dude, find a guy bag that matches your personal taste and let it speak for your awesome style! Catch ya later!

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